04/09/09 - Pre-fabricated pedestrian bridge - Issue 3


The Department of Transport and Main Roads will commence foothpath works for the installation of two footbridges over Quart Pot Creek.

What is happening?

  • RoadTek Asset Services will commence concrete works to construct new footpaths on the western side of Carnarvon Bridge. These footpaths and street lighting will link to the new footbridges.
  • The Department of Transport and Main Roads have consulted with council and the local disability groups to determine the correct location for footpaths in the park grounds. 
  • This solution will also allow the elderly and people with a disability to access the park and existing footpaths more easily. 
  • The new footbridges will ensure pedestrians are crossing safely, by placing more separation between pedestrians and motorists.

When is the work commencing and when will the footbridges be ready for use? 

  • Work will commence during the week of 7 September 2009. 
  • Opening of the footbridges will occur late October 2009 (weather permitting). This will be followed by the re-opening of the traffic bridge to two lanes.

What is the future long term plan for Carnarvon Bridge? 

  •  The Department of Transport and Main Roads Warwick has submitted a business case to carry out preliminary planning and design for a new replacement bridge as part of the next Roads Implementation Program. The design will include a dedicated pedestrian and cyclist footway and is hoped to be constructed within the next 10 years.

Please direct enquiries to: Kathryn Williams on the contact details below – Please also visit Main Roads & Council websites.


Address 306 Wood St Warwick
Or  Locked Bag 1, Warwick 4370
Phone 4661 6346
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Email warwick.office@transportandmainroads.qld.gov.au