29/04/2009 - Pre-fabricated bridge for Stanthorpe

15 April 2009

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has recommended installing a low-level prefabricated bridge as a pedestrian crossing over the Quart Pot Creek, to meet the transport needs of the Stanthorpe community.

Darling Downs Regional Director Tony Platz said this recommendation came after analysing several different options for the bridge.

“Primarily, this low-level pre-fabricated bridge option supports the overwhelming desire from the community to have the existing bridge return to normal traffic conditions as soon as possible,” Mr Platz said.

“Unlike the other options we looked at, this alternative will allow the community to use the footbridge well into the future, even after a replacement bridge is constructed."

“Plans can be implemented quickly, with the footbridge providing at least 95 per cent availability year round, taking into account limitations during flood events."

“This solution is the best option considering the community’s needs and resources available, and caters for all members of the community including the elderly and people with a disability who did
not have access previously.”

The proposed location for the new pedestrian footbridge is on the western side of the existing bridge, and incorporates two pre-fabricated bridges joined at an island in the middle of Quart Pot Creek.

“The island will be used as a landing to ensure the stability and safety of the pedestrian footbridge,” Mr Platz said.

“We are now working with council on plans for improving the pathways that run through the parkland, under the existing bridge, to link with the new footbridge."

“We intend to discuss this with council and the local community to determine more details of the proposal so that preliminary works at the finalised location of the footbridge can commence quickly.

“As the pathways are already being used by many members of the public, we believe once they are upgraded this option will be most suitable for the community.”

Mr Platz said as no plans or records existed for the Carnarvon Bridge, options involving attaching new components for a footway to the bridge had to be abandoned.

“The concrete has started to deteriorate and we don’t know the type and location of the structural steel,” he said.

“These options had to be ruled out for the safety of motorists and pedestrians, and to ensure the current bridge was not compromised any further until a replacement bridge is built.”

The department is considering funding preliminary planning and design for a new replacement bridge as part of the next Roads Implementation Program. It is expected to cater for pedestrians and cyclists and is hoped to be constructed within the next 10 years.

“We thank the community for their continued support and patience during the planning stages of this project,” Mr Platz said.

“As we begin the process of talking with the community about this proposal, the department will continue to keep the community up-to-date with planning and scheduling information.”


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