The Department of Main Roads, with Council are committed to the safety of our community.   
Recent investigations by bridge inspectors has confirmed the need to stop pedestrians using the footbridge
over Quart Pot Creek, while repair options are examined.
In the interest of public safety, the footbridge will be closed Wednesday 3 December to all pedestrians.

Why do we need to close the bridge?

The closure follows recommendations from our team of professional bridge inspectors after carrying out a thorough investigation of the existing footbridge. Our first priority is the safety of the Stanthorpe public; as a result the department has felt the closure of the footbridge needs to be as soon as possible.

What is next?

At this stage we anticipate that the pedestrian footbridge is not going to be closed permanently.
Independent specialists will inspect the footbridge in the coming weeks to determine the next course of action and possible repair options.

What is the alternative route?

Alternative Route - (Click to Enlarge)
An alternative pedestrian route can be accessed by following the Folkestone Street footpath and bridge or the Granite Street Bridge.

This alternative route will add an extra 5-10 minutes to a pedestrian’s journey.

It is safe for people in wheel chairs and motorised scooters to use the alternative routes. It is also legal for motorised scooters to use the roadway, by keeping as close to the kerb as possible.

Council will be working to help improve the footpaths on the alternative routes.

Where can I get more information and updates?

Please use the contacts below or, alternatively, you can check for updates on the Main Roads or Council website.