01/11/2009 - Carnarvon Bridge re-opening

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has recently completed the installation of the two footbridges over Quart Pot Creek in Stanthorpe.

Thank You

With instalment of the footbridges completed, traffic will soon return to normal over Carnarvon Bridge.  The Department would like to thank the community for their patience during the implementation of this short-term option.

Pedestrians will now be able to utilise the new footpaths and bridges safely away from the traffic on Carnarvon Bridge.

Alert: Laying of Ground Surface Indicators.  Please note that due to manufacturer's recommendations installment of the ground surface indicators to assist vision impaired members of the community, will not be completed for around two weeks.  The new concrete for the footpaths is required to cure for a period of 21 days before laying the indicators.

Pedestrian lighting is expected to be completed over the next two weeks.

What is the future long term plan for Carnarvon Bridge?

The Department of Transport and Main Roads Warwick has been successful in receiving funds to carry out preliminary planning and design for a new replacement bridge as part of the next Roads Implementation Program.  The design will include a dedicated pedestrian and cyclist foot way.

For enquiries

Please contact Kathryn Williams on 4661 6423 or email kathryn.e.williams@tmr.qld.gov.au