Quart Pot Creek Footbridge Closure


27 November 2008

Media Statement
Quart Pot Creek footbridge closed to pedestrians

Following recent structural investigations, Main Roads wishes to advise the Granite Belt community the Carnarvon Bridge on Maryland Street, south of the Stanthorpe Central Business District will be closed to pedestrians from next week.

Main Roads Regional Director Tony Platz said the closure to pedestrians of Carnarvon Bridge – known locally as Quart Pot Creek Bridge – was based on recommendations from an investigation and would come into effect on Wednesday 3 December 2008.

"The safety of road users and pedestrians remains Main Roads' number one priority at all times," Mr Platz said.

"Main Roads has been monitoring the bridge for some time to make sure the safety of pedestrians was ensured at all times."

"However, as a result of a thorough investigation our professional bridge inspectors have recommended the closure of the bridge to pedestrians, based on their findings."

"These results were taken to Southern Downs Regional Council on Wednesday (26 November) for their information and both agencies have decided to implement the recommendations immediately."

"In the interest of safety we will close the footbridge to all pedestrians, scooters and motorised wheelchairs from Wednesday 3 December."

"The footbridge was built almost 10 years after the bridge itself, using different materials. It is a separate structure and has deteriorated to the point where it is no longer safe."

"The bridge itself remains open to vehicles."

Mr Platz said independent specialists will inspect the footbridge in the coming weeks to determine if it is possible to repair the footbridge.

Main Roads officers talked with the local Maryland Street businesses on Friday to inform them of the
changed pedestrian conditions and a Variable Message Sign (VMS) will be installed at the bridge site
informing the public of the footbridge closure beginning Wednesday.

Alternative pedestrian route (click to enlarge)

"An alternative pedestrian route can be accessed by following the Folkestone Street footpath to the
western side of the main street and crossing at the concrete path, arriving at Bridge Street," Mr Platz said.

"Council will be fixing kerbing on the bridge on Folkestone Street and making pavement repairs on the route this week."

Media contact Warwick: Monique Bryson, 4661 6346 or 0428 542 313

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