Recycling Endeavours make huge difference to Warwick

Recycling Endeavours make huge difference to Warwick

Mayor Ron Bellingham has congratulated the Endeavour Foundation on upgrades to its commercial cardboard recycling system in Warwick announced today.

"Council’s has invested in a cleaner, greener future through a long term visionary partnership with the Endeavour Foundation in Warwick, Cr Bellingham said.

“We were the first to partner with Endeavour to pioneer this recycling service which has grown to be a very significant partnership between Endeavour and local governments across Queensland, he said.

“That initiative gave the opportunity to both Endeavour and Council to provide a far better service to our community.

“This new upgrade to the commercial cardboard and recycling service in Warwick is a significant investment by Endeavour that will help local businesses reduce the amount of waste subject to the new State government waste levy.

“We encourage all commerce, industry and construction companies to recycle as much material as possible, the Mayor said.

Council recently signed a $1.5m four year contract with Endeavour Foundation for continued management of waste transfer and recycling in both Warwick and Stanthorpe and continues to improve waste management and recycling services across the Region.

In the last six years, Council has introduced kerbside recycling in Warwick and Stanthorpe, carried out million dollar upgrades to both the Warwick and Stanthorpe waste facilities to include recycling and a reuse shops and onsite transfer stations, added recycling bins at most outer lying waste transfer stations and built new waste transfer stations at Allora and Killarney. Council is currently planning upgrades to the landfill operations at Stanthorpe and building a waste transfer station at Wallangarra. 

“Recycling reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, is better for the environment and extends the life of Southern Downs landfills, Cr Bellingham said. “Council is proud to be improving recycling options and waste management across the Southern Downs, he said.

Click here to read the announcement from Endeavour Foundation regarding the new cardboard recycling facility.


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