Contract Nos 11/30-11/33 & 11/39 - Sale of Used Plant

Archived Tender

Offers suitably endorsed and closing with the undersigned at 2pm on Wednesday 1 December 2010 are hereby invited for the purchase of the following used plant from Council’s fleet:-
 Contract         Make & Model                                                Purchase            Registration  
    No                                                                                           Date                      No.
11/30/1            Hino Dutro 3 Tip Truck                                  23/12/2004            916-IJV
11/31/1            Iveco Dual Cab Truck                                    01/12/2004           741-HQP
11/32/1            Mitsubishi Canter Single Cab Tipper         14/03/2003            286-LVR
11/33/1            Mitsubishi Canter Single Cab                      05/01/2001            815-FUM
11/39/1            John Deere 770CH Grader                          09/12/2002            DW770ch582027
Inspection of the above plant can be arranged by contacting the Plant Officer, Mr Ian Fletcher, Engineering Services Department on (07) 4661 0401.
Offers may be submitted for any of the above plant listed on an “as is” basis at the time of acceptance.
Copies of the Offer Forms are available at no charge from the Southern Downs Regional Council Customer Service counter at 64 Fitzroy Street, Warwick or 61 Marsh Street, Stanthorpe, or phone (07) 4661 0401, or follow the links below. Offers must be made on the forms provided. A security deposit of $2,000 is required for each offer.
The highest or any offer will not necessarily be accepted.
Rod Ferguson
Chief Executive Officer
 Contract No. 11/30/1 - Sale of Hino Dutro 3 Tip Truck
 Contract No. 11/31/1 - Sale of Iveco Dual Cab Truck
 Contract No. 11/32/1 - Sale of Mitsubishi Canter Single Cab Tipper
 Contract No. 11/33/1 - Sale of Mitsubishi Canter Single Cab
 Contract No. 11/39/1 - Sale of John Deere 770CH Grader