Special Concession for payment of rates for flood affected farmers

Most ratepayers have 30 days from the date of issue on their 2013/2014 rates notice to pay their full rates bill if they want to receive a 10 per cent early payment discount.

However, from a recommendation by the Ratings Advisory Group which Council has adopted, flood affected farmers will be granted a concession period in which to pay their rates.

The concession is being offered in accordance with the Local Government Regulation 2012, Chapter 4: Rates and Charges, Division 4: Other matters about levying rates or charges, Part 10: Concessions - a concession is offered to properties affected by the Tropical Cyclone Oswald and Associated Rainfall and Flooding event 19-21 January 2013.

“Eligible ratepayers will be able to defer payment of rates and charges for up to a period of 180 days after the issue date of their notice, advised David Tuxford, Director Business & Community Services.

“There will be no loss of discount on their 2013/14 rates and charges and no interest will be applied to their 2013/14 rates and charges for this period, Mr Tuxford added.

Council advises that the discount will only be allowed where all rates and charges are paid on the property. The discount does not apply to a rate or charge paid in full if other rates and charges remain unpaid on the land.

“Council hopes the extra time to pay will be helpful by allowing farmers time to get in a crop to replace the crops lost during the floods.

To be eligible for the concession the property owner must have received a letter from the Queensland Rural Adjustment Authority (QRAA) confirming that they are eligible for either Natural Disaster Assistance, Special Disaster Assistance or Exceptional Disaster Assistance under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRAA) for the Tropical Cyclone Oswald and Associated Rainfall and Flooding event 21-29 January 2013.

The concession will only be allowed on the property shown on the approval letter from the QRAA.

To apply for the relief an application form must be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer of the Southern Downs Regional Council with a copy of the approval letter from the QRAA.


Application Form for Flood Concession